Nobody likes to be told what to do.  Having a coach plan specific workouts for your own goals will make the best use of your time. You can get more done with less time investment.  Having a coach will make it easier to follow through on your training, and allow for on the fly adjustments when life throws you those curve balls.  Here are the reasons you need to hire a coach now.


1. You will have a step-by-step daily plan built just for you.

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Here is a screenshot from Training Peaks- the software we use to optimize your training plan.


When you work with a Potential Energy Training & Nutrition coach, whether it be for training for an upcoming cycling or triathlon event, or working with Nutritionist Julie Cornelius on a daily meal plan, you will have a calendar designed specifically for you. If you want to train for an endurance event, but are busy with work or family, having a coach will give you one less thing to stress about. Your plan is designed around your available time to train. Training is about quality – not just quantity. With specific workouts, you can get the most bang for your buck in limited time and still be able to train for the demands of your event.



2. You will have years of expertise and scientifically based workouts to help you optimize your training.

All of us coaches at Potential Energy Training & Nutrition have years of working in our fields and keep up to date on scientifically based evidence on what’s working for training, nutrition, injury prevention and wellness. Sure, nearly anyone can go online and get ‘coaching’ credentials. I have seen it all from non cyclists claiming to be cycling experts to those who have tried a nutrition fad claiming to be a nutrition expert.


For Nutrition, Julie Cornelius received her masters in nutrition, focusing on performance in athletes, started an energy bar company, and has assisted many athletes over the years in their performance nutrition strategy and meal planning.


Tricia Davis, a physio for over 20 years and triathlon and cycling coach for over 5 years understands the big picture when it comes to the body’s mechanics, performance and injury prevention. As a triathlete and mountain biker, she has competed in most of the events the sport has to offer from Ironman to mountain bike stage races.


As for me, I have been cycling for over 11 years with a background as a pro since 2008, racing in Europe, across the US and now as a pro mountain biker competing in endurance events such as the Absa Cape Epic (the Tour de France of Mountain biking), and Leadville Trail 100. I also compete in Xterra off road triathlon events. As a coach of over 5 years, focusing on power-based and HR training, I have focused my attention to people who have busy lives and are trying to gain their fitness back.



3. You will save time and probably train less – allowing more time for the other important things in your life.

First of all, you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out what to do each day. “Should I ride hard today or just some easy miles?” Training for an event, a season, or just to lose weight involves a strategy. You may have heard things like “base miles” or “tempo training” or “high intensity training (HIT)”. But you might not understand how to put those things together and when certain types of efforts are best done.


I have seen many athletes that I started coaching who were training too much but not getting quality workouts in. They were wondering why their fitness had hit a plateau. When we started working together, for some, their hours of riding per week actually decreased however, each workout had a more specific purpose whether it was interval training, joining a group ride, or putting in endurance miles. Their training is based around their availability to train so if Monday’s are busy with kid’s after school sports or work meetings, we take those as a rest day.




For nutrition, you save the time of planning out your meals. Julie lays out your meals for the week with recipes included. This makes shopping easy and less of a chance to gorge yourself in unhealthy eating habits. Plus the recipes Julie provides are quick, easy, and delicious!


For wellness, Tricia provides workouts to help you with strength, flexibility, and improve upon your body’s imbalances. These are workouts you can do at home so you save time of having to drive to the gym. Plus with injury prevention in mind, you optimize your training without being sidelined by an injury.



4. Being held accountable will give you a higher chance of following through on your training = achieving your goals!


If you are reading this, you are probably a very motivated individual. Being motivated is great however it can be hard after a late night to get up and train. With a coach, you will have that guilt trip (aka accountability) so instead of hitting the snooze, you’ll pull yourself up and get the workout done. Your coach can see how you performed during your workout by looking at your riding files on TrainingPeaks. If you train with a powermeter, we can see a lot more data and provide more feedback. For nutrition, Julie can see what your preferences are and customize your meal plan to those preferences.
Coaches are also meant to help motivate and inspire you. So when you have a mental block, we’re here to help figure out what’s going on and get you through it!


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5. Life Happens and when you reach road blocks, you’ll have a plan to work around them.


Life happens and usually quite often: from weather to work to kids and family commitments. At Potential Energy Training & Nutrition, we help you work around whatever road block you have and give you a plan ‘b’ option when these things happen. Do you skip your workout, double up the next day or do something different? We will tell you exactly what to do so you can optimize your training to reach your goals. I have helped new parents deal with the unpredictable sleeping schedule of a new baby, helped athletes work around religious holidays to religious fasting, to athletes out on the trail and encountering a downpour. Things will come up and that’s what we are here for!


Ensure you are getting the most from your time spent working out.  The time is now to get shopping for a coach!  We hope to be at the top of your list for interviews.  Talk to you soon!


Check out our cycling, triathlon, nutrition, and wellness coaching services HERE!


About Melissa Ross:

melissaMelissa Ross is Co-Founder and Coach of Potential Energy Training and Nutrition. She has an extensive career in cycling and athletics. Melissa’s 11+years in the sport as an athlete and 5 years as a coach has taken her all over the world from touring Italy, racing across Europe and the US as a professional athlete (with the US development team and riding for Team Kenda), to becoming a pro mountain biker, exploring the trails across Arizona and even recently competing in the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa and Leadville Trail 100! Melissa has an incredible desire to help other people reach their full potential and bring the passion of having a healthy lifestyle into their lives.


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