by  Julie Cornelius, MS


  • How many of you reading this have a hectic busy schedule?

  • Are you too tired when you get home from work to cook dinner?

  • Do you put things like work and chores before exercise and eating well?



You are not alone! I hear from so many people that they are just too busy and end up grabbing foods that are quick and less-than-healthy. It does happen to all of us and I have created my top 6 tips for eating healthy when life gets a little crazy. But I want to take some time to talk about being healthy for YOU.

You are the only person that can really take care of you. Sometimes we all get so busy helping to care for others or getting caught up with the day-today, that we forget to do just that. But really, we need be our best possible selves to do all of these things for others…which means we need to take care of ourselves first.

Want to have more energy to play ball with the kids in the evenings? Eating healthy throughout the day can help you from wanting to curl up on the couch after dinner and get you out the door to head to the park. While it might seem like that afternoon sugary treat helps to wake you up, over the long run, it might be doing just the opposite. Large spikes in blood sugar lead to energy crashes. These are also bad for productivity and brain function. Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks- they provide a steady energy source that will keep you going all day.

Do you want to be able to focus more and concentrate better during the work hours? A little exercise in the morning can help to improve your alertness and productivity. There is even some research that shows that exercise can help to spark creativity if you are stuck on a project. I have experienced this myself and have frequently caught myself coming up with new ideas while out on a bike ride. Try to get out first thing in the morning so that nothing can get in the way. Take a break and go for a walk if you just can’t figure out the solution to a problem. It just might what you need to get the creative juices flowing again.

Make sure to take some time to carve out some time for YOU! Spend a couple of hours doing meal prep throughout the week. Get out for a morning bike ride or jog. Take the dog for a sunset walk. Choose healthy foods throughout the day to help you have more energy and be more efficient. You will notice a difference and YOU will be happier… and the people around you will take notice too!
















IMG_1601Julie Cornelius, MS is owner and Nutrition Coach of Potential Energy Training & Nutrition. She has an extensive background in nutrition and graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ with both her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Nutrition.  She has worked for over 10 years in the nutrition industry in fitness studios helping clients achieve their nutrition goals, teaching college nutrition courses, and was the founder of Julie Bar, an energy bar company. Julie is a mountain biker who loves to travel, so don’t be surprised if you get an email from her and she is half way around the world! Julie helps individuals to meet their nutrition goals, whether it is eating to win an endurance mountain bike race, losing weight, or just eating to be healthier. Connect with Julie:

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