1. Nutrition – Does Julie look at your VO2 to determine the amount of calories we burn during a workout when she creates our nutrition plan?


There are many factors that go into determining calories burned with VO2 being just one of them. Julie takes into account body size, exercise level, age, gender, as well as VO2 when putting together your custom nutrition plan.


2. Wellness – What is Wellness Coaching? Do we meet with Tricia for the exercises – is it like a physical therapy session or how does it work?


Wellness coaching is not physical therapy but rather a very individualized fitness plan based on your current level of fitness and goals. Tricia uses her 20 years as a physiotherapist and coaching background to make sure you have exercises to help you reach your goals and prevent injury. You will be given a daily plan on what exercises to do, when to take a rest day, and making sure you are making progress with your goals. Imagine working with a trainer at the gym – instead of going to the gym and paying per session, have your coach online with email and phone access, a personalized monthly plan, and being free to do the workouts at times that work for you and from home.

First, Tricia does an Initial wellness and personalized injury history with you over the phone or in person if possible -( This is different than a physical therapy assessment which usually focuses on a specific injury and part of the body.) Individual wellness goals are set using the things discussed during the initial session: health markers like BMI, blood work, VO2Max, current stressors, life balance and use of time, mental training, review of personal strengths and weaknesses. You are provided therapeutic exercises, stretching strategies and suggested cross training techniques to give you an advantage on your competition. Tricia provides recovery strategies, specific individualized injury prevention and close monitoring with a “weekly body scan review” to make sure you are staying on track (we track sleep, fatigue level, lean body mass, and other things and correlate them to your past week training and we all offer continuous feedback for your efforts). Tricia constantly reviews the scientific evidence based literature as it relates to your training, injury and rehabilitation.

Example Wellness Exercise:
ball bridge

Tricia builds your monthly calendar using the TrainingPeaks platform where you have access to view your  daily workouts, log your training, write comments, and keep track of your progress. TrainingPeaks also offers features in their premium service that allow you to get daily email reminders of workouts and notifications when your coach provides feedback on your workouts. Many of the workouts Tricia provides have detailed pictures or video instruction on how to do the exercise. And of course, if you have questions or need clarification, she can assist you through email or a phone call!


3. How do I receive my nutrition plan?


Every month, Julie customizes your nutrition plan on TrainingPeaks based on your personal goals and preferences. You have the option to have her be very specific about what you each for each meal, provide recipes, and a shopping list, or have her be more general, giving you some freedom to choose what you’ll eat based on her recommendations. Nutrition is a very individual thing as we all have different food sensitivities and preferences so Julie does her best to make sure the plan is just right for you and make adjustments as necessary through the month.

screen shot of nutrition details

By using the TrainingPeaks platform to build your custom nutrition plan, you have the option to upgrade to a ‘premium’ TrainingPeaks account which will give you access to features such as a daily email reminder, an app for your phone, and other great metrics and tools to track your progress! The combination of having a scientifically based and individualized plan, followed by accountability makes the odds of reaching your nutrition and weight goals so much higher and easier! Some people do have a good sense of nutrition however lack the accountability or don’t have time to plan out their week, while others aren’t sure of what to do or what they are missing or need in their diet. That’s why monthly nutrition coaching is essential to helping you achieve your weight management and training goals!


4. I used to be active back in the day, but now need help gaining my fitness back and losing some weight. Which plan is most optimal for me?


If you are serious about getting back on track with your fitness and losing weight, the All Inclusive Plan is made for you! Starting a training plan and achieving weight loss goals can be overwhelming and also involves many factors including past injuries, current fitness level, limitations, and nutrition. We made this plan to work as a team of experts to take care of you and make sure you can achieve your goals and minimize the chance of injury. By making sure your body is fueled right, you will have more energy to do the workouts, meet your training goals and also boost that metabolism so you can be on your way to reaching your peak potential!


All Inclusive Calendar Example

5. How many weeks is the nutrition plan built out for?


The nutrition coaching is built on a monthly plan. However, we understand when life happens or if you need to change your food preferences so we have the option to make some changes as needed through the month.


6. Why would I do monthly nutrition coaching instead of just doing one month or using the same plan over and over again?


Improving your nutrition is an ongoing process. Through the year you may have different goals, or events you are working for or even weight loss goals. As these goals evolve, so do your nutrition needs. What might work for you now, might not be ideal in 5 months. Having a coach who provides accountability is also another big step to making sure you follow through in your nutrition plan and being with you every step of the way. Depending on where you are at in your nutrition, it may seem like a little – dramatic lifestyle change. Our mission is through nutrition coaching, to make the process as easy and stress free as possible for you!


7. Can I switch between plans if I want to upgrade to the All Inclusive or move to basic coaching?


Of course! You can switch at any time!