Nutrition Plan + Subscription

Introducing the Potential Energy Training & Nutrition Subscription Package! Do you want some guidance to make healthy changes in your life? Sign up for the Subscription to get:

-A one-month all inclusive meal plan

  • This plan is designed for you to develop new, healthy habits for the long term
  • The plan includes simple, healthy recipes and weekly shopping lists for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Also included are general nutrition tips, suggestions for eating before workouts and everything you need for planning out your meals
  • Use the plan as an outline for eating healthy and add in new recipes to change it up and keep things fresh
  • Vegetarian and vegan plans available!

-A FREE monthly email that includes:

  • Recipe Roundup- new recipes to add in to the meal plan, including serving size suggestions and modifications for dietary needs
  • Nutrition Quick Tips- to learn more and keep you motivated
  • Monthly Q&A- ask your most pressing questions to Coach Julie and each month, she will choose a few to answer!

All of this for a one-time cost of only $75!