“I worked with Julie for almost a year.  I started working with her to learn how to lose weight while training hard, which is something I’ve struggled with over the years, and to learn how to feed myself cleanly to fuel my athletic ambitions.


First off, Julie is extremely knowledgeable and flexible about food.  I don’t like a lot of the typical “diet” staples, like greek yogurt, mangoes, and spicy food, and she was able to incorporate these restrictions into my eating plan.  Her recipes and organic way of looking at nutrition really helped me gain an understanding of what I actually needed, not just the calories, but the quality of the food.  Her recipes were delicious and really fun to learn to cook. I looked forward to each new block of recipes every month.


My biggest struggles with eating is that when I train, I am so hungry that I have a hard time just eating clean and within the necessary portions.  Julie gave me the tools to start meal planning and preparing my food for the week.  She reviewed what I was eating and helped me tweaked my intake to allow me to see a dramatic change within the first 4-5 months of working with her.


Julie also helped me figure out my triggers and cravings and how to keep myself full on fruit and vegetables to keep my willpower strong.  I loved my conversations with her to try and figure out where I could improve every week.  I love knowing that even though I’m not actively on a plan with her right now, if I have any problems, she’s still available to consult with me.  I feel positive on how I will continue to meet my nutrition goals for years to come.”


-Vanessa D.