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Did you know that Exercise is better than Medicine for preventing chronic illness?

Most people are told by their doctors to eat better and exercise more, but are given little concrete instruction.  Unfortunately, most physicians are given minimal training in preventing disease and are usually spending the short patient encounter times dealing with chronic debilitating issues.  The proper referral to physical therapy, nutrition and counseling is happening, but is not yet as widespread as it should be.


That is where Potential Energy Training and Nutrition comes in.


We offer professional expert customized wellness, training (and nutrition plans) and follow-up to make sure the lifestyle changes are having a lasting impact on your wellbeing.  We have found that most people just want to be told what to do and how to do it, while being held accountable until the small daily changes “stick” turning into longterm lifestyle changes.

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Getting ready to start my second month of wellness coaching. What a difference it’s made. Not only in the physical aspect but mental focus also. Thank you Tricia for all you do. – Jason


The Health & Wellness Coaching Package is for anyone looking to improve their health and start or follow a more structured health/ fitness program.

You don’t need to be an athlete or even like to exercise to benefit from wellness coaching.

This customized program is designed by Tricia Davis, PT and is built around your schedule, current fitness level, physical limitations, and equipment available to you! If you are focused on improving your overall fitness or are trying to lose weight, this program is designed for you!

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What the Health and Wellness Coaching Plan Includes:


  • Monthly Coaching Plan with daily workouts, including constant monitoring and accountability
  • First, Tricia does an Initial wellness and personalized injury history with you over the phone or in person if possible -( This is different than a physical therapy assessment which usually focuses on a specific injury and part of the body.)
  • Individual wellness goals are set using the things discussed during the initial session:
  • Health markers like BMI, blood work, percent body fat,  VO2Max, current stressors, life balance and use of time, mental training, review of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • You are provided therapeutic exercises, stretching strategies and suggested cross training techniques to keep you engaged, constantly improving your fitness and health and becoming the healthy, fit person you’ve always envisioned.
  • Recovery strategies, specific individualized injury prevention and close monitoring with a “weekly body scan review” to make sure you are staying on track (we track sleep, fatigue level, lean body mass, and other things and correlate them to your past week training and we all offer continuous feedback for your efforts)
  • Tricia constantly reviews the scientific evidence based literature as it relates to your training, injury and rehabilitation.
  • Weekly emails, phone calls and contact to ensure you are staying on track and understand the why and how of your prescribed workouts!


Cost: $175/month…less than $6 per day! (Start-up fee $99)

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3 Month Health and Wellness Package Now Available for $499! ($125 savings when you pre-pay!)

That’s ONLY $5 a day!

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Here is the magic formula as far as exercise is concerned for running a tip top body.
Here is the magic formula as far as exercise is concerned for running a tip top body.


For more information or to schedule a  FREE consultation, email Tricia: Tricia@potentialenergytraining.com.

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