Work with Nutrition Coach Julie Cornelius, MS, to reach your maximum potential through nutrition!

  • Get lean and be in your best shape yet through an easy to follow approach
  • Learn how to fuel your workouts to be confident on race day
  • Recovery better and get the most out of your training
  • Work toward your goals with a proven approach


Coach Julie has deigned 3 simple options for you!

All Inclusive

(*Most Popular Option*)

Who it’s for

  • Individuals looking to:
    • Lose up to 8 pounds/month with an approach that helps to maintain muscle and is designed to help you keep weight off long term
    • More energy!
    • Easy to stick with changes
    • Better recovery after workouts
    • Better fueling during workouts
    • Sleep better
    • Potential health benefits such as lower cholesterol and better blood sugar control
  • What it includes
    • Customized daily nutrition plan tailored around your goals, busy schedule, workouts, food preferences, and dietary restrictions
    • Daily meal plan focused on reaching optimum weight, having more energy and centered around long-term health
    • Simple and healthy recipes with portion sizes designed to help you reach YOUR goals
    • Daily nutrition suggestions for before, during and after your workouts, an important aspect for recovery AND weight loss
    • Initial consult and detailed assessment of current nutrition
    • Unlimited support through phone, email, text and Skype
    • Monthly modifications to nutrition plan based on feedback
    • Hourly race plan for athletes and active individuals focused on a race goal

Ready to get going?



$499/3 months (a $624 value!) or monthly $175/month + $99 start up fee


LIMITED TIME- join the New Years Nutrition Challenge to get this 3-month package for only $399 (a $624 value)!

Basic Nutrition Coaching

Who it’s for

  • Individuals looking to:
    • Lose weight
    • Have more energy
    • Need a little guidance, but are very self motivated
  • What it includes:
    • Customized monthly nutrition plan that includes daily recommendations based on goals
    • Initial consult and detailed assessment of current nutrition
    • Monthly 20 minute phone call to discuss plan
    • Modifications to plan monthly based on feedback
    • Simple and healthy recipes!

Ready to get going?




$275/3 months (a $346 value!) or monthly $99/month + $49 start up fee


Reach Your Potential Nutrition Plan + Email Newsletter

-A one-month all inclusive meal plan

  • This plan is designed for you to develop new, healthy habits for the long term
  • The plan includes simple, healthy recipes and weekly shopping lists for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Also included are general nutrition tips, suggestions for eating before workouts and everything you need for planning out your meals
  • Use the plan as an outline for eating healthy and add in new recipes to change it up and keep things fresh
  • Vegetarian and vegan plans available!

-A FREE monthly email newsletter that includes:

  • Recipe Roundup- new recipes to add in to the meal plan, including serving size suggestions and modifications for dietary needs
  • Nutrition Quick Tips- to learn more and keep you motivated
  • Monthly Q&A- ask your most pressing questions to Coach Julie and each month, she will choose a few to answer!

All of this for a one-time cost of only $75!



“Julie is amazing. I’ve been working with her for 3 months and in that short amount of time I’ve seen huge improvements in training as a result of my nutrition.” – Jason



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