All Inclusive Package: triathlon coaching, nutrition meal plan, & wellness


tumblr_m03bfkxulA1qm98smo1_1280The All Inclusive Package involves all of our services in a comprehensive and all inclusive format as well as close interaction with all of your coaches as you need. This package includes individualized daily workouts for triathlon, wellness and injury prevention based on your personalized fitness and athletic goals. It also includes a customized daily nutrition plan. The All Inclusive Package is ideal for the person with a hectic life and just needs someone to tell them exactly what to do.

          • Monthly Coaching
          • Annual Training Plan Review (Mapping out your fitness, nutrition, & health goals for the year)
          • Data Review 2x week in TrainingPeaks (Includes Heart Rate and/or Power Data Review)
          • Unlimited email/phone call access with your coaches
          • Premium TrainingPeaks Account
          • If you have schedule conflicts, we can make changes to your plan up to 4x/month to fit your busy life
          • Monthly Nutrition Coaching tailored to your training plan and goals:
          • -assessment of nutrition needs
          • -daily meal plan with delicious and easy-to-make recipes
          • -goal setting
          • -education about why you should eat certain foods
          • -personalized recipes
          • -training and recovery nutrition plans delivered recommendations in a monthly calendar
          • Health & Wellness Package:
          • -First, Tricia does an Initial wellness and personalized injury history with you over the phone or in person if possible -( This is different than a physical therapy assessment which usually focuses on a specific injury and part of the body.)
          • -Individual wellness goals are set using the things discussed during the initial session:
          • -Health markers like BMI, blood work, VO2Max, current stressors, life balance and use of time, mental training, review of personal strengths and weaknesses
          • -You are provided therapeutic exercises, stretching strategies and suggested cross training techniques to give you an advantage on your competition
          • -Recovery strategies, specific individualized injury prevention and close monitoring with a “weekly body scan review” to make sure you are staying on track (we track sleep, fatigue level, lean body mass, and other things and correlate them to your past week training and we all offer continuous feedback for your efforts)
          • -Tricia constantly reviews the scientific evidence based literature as it relates to your training, injury and rehabilitation.
          • Interdisciplinary meeting of all coaches monthly to discuss your progress and share results with you

Cost: $425/month…that’s $14 per day! (Start-up fee $99)

Basic Triathlon Coaching


tricia running2The Basic Triathlon Coaching is for the multisport athlete who needs a custom training plan. We create customized daily cycling workouts based on your specific goals and availability to train.

                • Daily training plan delivered in monthly calendar on TrainingPeaks
                • Biweekly coach evaluation and feedback on your completed workouts
                • Email and phone support
                • Goal setting
                • Updates to training plan for when life happens


Cost: $225/month…that’s $7.50 per day! (Start-up fee $99)

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